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Letter #3

Well, speak of the devil. I think I should be careful what I talk about in my letters, Cath. It's like, every time I mention something in private, it happens. This time it was Scar himself, showing up here with that half-Ishvallan guy, Miles, from up north at Briggs fortress. I didn't know Miles, really, until that last battle against Father and the homunculi. Actually, I didn't really know him then either, but you remember we sent that shipment of arms to the people who were working with him. I did meet him, once, in Central, when I came back to meet with Marcoh.

Then he sort of vanished, and I just thought he'd gone back to Briggs with General Armstrong and the others. But it turns out he's on leave from Briggs. And guess what he's doing. He's going around Ishval, with Scar, trying to help people and restore Ishvallan culture.

I missed a lot, it looks like. One minute, Scar is the big enemy of Amestris alchemists, and the next minute, he's getting his Ishvallan pals to build a big array that saves the country. I heard about some of that from Al when I got to Central, and Marcoh told me a little bit too. The two people who really wouldn't talk about him were Mustang and Hawkeye, but that didn't seem too unusual, so I didn't think much about that. Until now.

I guess all has been forgiven, or something. It seems kind of weird to me, but on the other hand, maybe not. I mean, here I am in Ishval after killing so many people here. And the Colonel seems to be accepted now – well, by most people – and he did a lot worse than I ever did. So I suppose Ishval and Amestris are both kind of agreeing to let revenge go, and let people's final actions be the deciding factor in whether they're accepted or not.

So when Scar turned up, it was interesting to see how Mustang and Hawkeye reacted to him. The boss is kind of quiet around him. This is the first thing I've seen put any kind of cloud over that cheerfulness I told you about before. In fact, he hardly meets Scar's eyes at all.

But Hawkeye is the exact opposite. She's very friendly to the guy. And Scar is really friendly back. Well, as friendly as he ever gets. Maybe I should say he's gentle, which is a bit different. And Hawkeye seems to try not to be as friendly when Mustang's around, like she's trying not to hurt his feelings or something. It's not like she's more interested in Scar than she is in the boss (oh, like nobody knows about that). It's something else, I don't know what.

I really missed a lot, I think, when I was sitting in that chair in the store. I've asked Breda and the others if they know anything, and they don't have a clue either. Falman says maybe it's private and we should just let it go. Fuery tends to agree with him. But I'm wit Breda – the reason these three are tiptoeing around each other is something I'd really like to know about. I think.

Talk later,


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