Feb. 6th, 2012

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These are letters written from Ishval, after Father was destroyed and Amestris was saved. Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc, alchemically healed of the paralyzing injury he had suffered, joined the small combined military and civilian companies led by Colonel Roy Mustang, in their project to help restore Ishval to viability as a state. The selection of letters below were written to Havoc's sister Catherine. They provide some insight into how things progressed in the relatively early days of restoration project, and they shed more light on the character of many of those in Colonel Mustang's inner circle – primarily, of course, Mustang himself.

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Letter #2

Hi Cath,

You know, it's like the guy reads minds. Remember when I said I could put up with a creaky back and wasn't going to say a thing to the Colonel? Well, somehow the bastard found out anyway. I'll never figure out how he does that.

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(Sorry if you're seeing horrible font changes in mid-stream. If there's one thing about LiveJournal that I absolutely LOATHE it's the damn program's inability to retain fonts properly, or to format correctly. Which is why I'd never dream of using it for anything important, ever.)

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Letter #4

Hi Cath,

Well, Miles and Scar are off again. They had a little meeting with all of us in Mustang's inner circle, and some local Ishvallan elders, to talk about where they should go next, and to pass on any information they thought the boss should know. You know, to help him decide what to concentrate on as he helps the rebuilding. We're going to be taking a road trip south, because it looks like Aerugo might be giving the wrong sort of “help,” sending unfriendly influences and even guns via the southern desert. I suppose I shouldn't be telling you stuff like that, should I? Don't tell mom and dad.

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