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Letter #4

Hi Cath,

Well, Miles and Scar are off again. They had a little meeting with all of us in Mustang's inner circle, and some local Ishvallan elders, to talk about where they should go next, and to pass on any information they thought the boss should know. You know, to help him decide what to concentrate on as he helps the rebuilding. We're going to be taking a road trip south, because it looks like Aerugo might be giving the wrong sort of “help,” sending unfriendly influences and even guns via the southern desert. I suppose I shouldn't be telling you stuff like that, should I? Don't tell mom and dad.

But anyway, I was worried about how the meeting would go. We all were. I mean all of Mustang's and Hawkeye's subordinates, that is. But everything was fine, even if it was still kind of strained. The Colonel seemed to talk to Scar fairly normally, and Hawkeye was all business. We got a lot done. And Miles is more interesting than I ever knew. I wish he could stick around longer, so I could learn more about his family history.

An Amestrian marrying an Ishvallan. Interesting idea. You kind of wonder how his parents reacted during the Ishval massacres. Not everybody finds it as easy to set enmities aside like Winry Rockbell's parents did. Though maybe I shouldn't talk. I don't know if they actually found it “easy” or not.

Anyway, an odd thing happened when the meeting ended. Most of the others had left the meeting room. I was sitting in a window sill, having a cigarette before getting going. (Don't start. I'll quit eventually.) I noticed that Scar stopped in the doorway, and Mustang stopped with him. Scar looked at the boss and said something like, “I've talked to my people. They are grateful that you're a good leader. I am pleased to hear it.”

And Mustang said – I still can't believe this – he said, “Well, that's partly your doing. For which I've never thanked you.”

Then Scar said, “I decided that if you were down in that tunnel in the first place, there was more to you than I had believed. I'm glad I was right.” And then they went out.

What the hell??

I really, really want to know what happened down in those tunnels on the day of the eclipse and the last battle! I tried to be casual about it, and asked Hawkeye in a roundabout way. But all she did was smile – you could have sliced through iron with that glint in her eyes – and she said, “If you want to know about Colonel Mustang and Scar, ask the Colonel. I know he'll tell you if you really want to know.”

Not on your life. I don't think I could ever get the nerve. That might be one mystery I'll never solve.

You'd have loved the little banquet we had afterwards, I have to tell you that. Last time I was here, we only got army rations. This time, we're getting a taste of Ishvallan food. It felt to me like they went all out for this one. Chicken in raisin curry sauce, scented rice with saffron, and these little pastries made with honey and saffron – I tell you, Cath, you'd think you'd died and gone to heaven. We sure did.

Anyway, it might be a little while before I can write again, because I don't know how the mail service will be from southern Ishval. We'll be leaving as soon as we can get supplies together. So I'll tell you about it when I get back.


(Letter 5)

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